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Association of Syrrako of Ioannina

The Association of Syracuses of Ioannina was founded in 1969 by Syracuses who lived and created in the city of Ioannina. It was born of their need for coexistence, contact and support of their historic village by saving its architectural heritage, morals and customs, linguistic idioms as well as the rescue and dissemination of their music and dance tradition. Reflecting on the importance of the past and the weight of the rich heritage of their ancestors, the Syracuses of Ioannina today have greatly developed their association. A central position in the Association’s activities is occupied by the traditional dances section, which consists of approximately 200 male and female dancers, of all ages. The dances of Syracuse have a special place in its programs: Sygahistos, Yann’ Kostas, Tsamikos (with eight steps), Patitos, Syrtos. The dancers of the Association also present dances from various regions of Greece with due attention and respect to the traditional way and style of each region. However, special importance is attached to the dances and songs of Syracos, which the dancers interpret in the Vlach language idiom, something rare throughout Greece today. The Association is a member of the International Folk Art Organization and the Panhellenic Federation of Vlach Cultural Associations. He has participated in many events both in Greece and abroad, presenting traditional dances and songs from all over Greece, as well as popular programs. It is also active in the direction of the presentation of traditional events, such as the Syracuse wedding. At the same time, it is active in the field of book and CD publishing, as well as the newspaper “Antilali tou Syracuse” which is published in a thousand copies. It carries out touristic and educational excursions, maintains a blood bank, a painting department and organizes seminars, gatherings and events of a diverse nature. The President of the Association is Georgios Katsanos.

Contact tel. 6977935210. Tel. contact SSI 26510 77432.

16b Nikopoleos, Vrysoula Ioannina, P.O. 45221, e-mail:

Association of Syrrako of Preveza

The Association of Syracuses of Preveza was founded in 1970 and represents more than 1000 families who

they live in Preveza and come from Syracuse of Ioannina. The main aims of the Association are: cooperation, solidarity, the strengthening of relations and care for the economic and spiritual progress of the members, the provision of moral and material assistance to needy and suffering Syracuses of Preveza as well as the care for the education and endowment of these children, the resolution of problems related to the spiritual, cultural and educational progress of the inhabitants of Syracuse, the cooperation with other associations that refer to Syracuse, the highlighting and promotion of the cultural heritage of the Syracuses . Lately the Association is primarily concerned with the operation of the “Apostolos Rizos” Folklore Museum whose building facilities have been completed, the museum material has been recorded and documented and the implementation of the studies remains. The President of the Association is Spyridon Dalaoutis.

Contact phone: 6972641356, Contact phone: 2682025125, e-mail: 165 Irene Avenue, PO Box 48100, Preveza

Association of Syracuses of the Philippiada Region

It was founded in 1979 on the initiative of forty-four Syracuses of Philippiada and is based in Philippiada. The goals of the Association are to promote the interests of Syracuse, the cooperation and solidarity of the Syracuses, the promotion through all means of the village, the rescue and preservation of the morals and customs of the Syracuses by organizing artistic, cultural events, the creation of a dance group to preserve traditional dances and costumes, the cooperation and the tightening of relations with the other associations of Syracuse. The establishment of the Association united the Syracuses of Philippiada more, got to know each other and better organized some of their activities related to their place of origin, Syracuse, or to the local community where they live. The Association also participates in cultural activities organized in Syracuse and Philippiada by the organizations and in general, shows its presence, strongly and creatively where necessary. He is a member of P.O.P.S.B. One of its most intense activities is the teaching of traditional dances to children of various ages of the members of the Association as well as to children of other residents of the Philippiada area. polis”) for the young dancers as well as saree dresses for the older dancers. The Association is always represented in all meetings planned with the other Associations of Syracuse and the local community of Syracuse. Dancers of the Association have taken part in events in Syracuse, in Athens, in Thessaloniki, in the Vlach antamomes, as well as in other cities of Greece. Also, the Association has taken part in many events of the former Municipality of Philippiada and now the Municipality of Ziros and the surrounding Municipalities and Communities. He has also participated in two festivals abroad in Belgium and Bulgaria. The President of the Association is Skamnelos Christos.

Contact phone: 6974838490, Tel. contact phone number: 2683022138 Eleftherochori, Filippiada P.O. 48200

Association of Syracuses of Patras and Western Greece “G. Zalokostas”

For the realization of the goals, they initially relied on the Panepirototic Association of Patras, which had a long and remarkable history, had developed great activities and had established itself in the consciousness of the Epirotians of Patras. In those first years, with great joy and patriotic emotion, the people of Syracuse gathered at the welcoming house of Christos Mantzavinos (Rhodos 49) and there for hours the older people could reminisce and talk and the younger ones could hear about life in Syracuse many, many years ago years, to project images of Syracuse, listen to Syracuse songs and enjoy the rich dishes of the good-natured lady Efthymia. Over the years and since the presidency of the Association passed for about three decades in the firm hands of a genuine and tireless patriot, the current Honorary President Manolis Maglara, the Association has always been in cooperation with the Pan-Epironic Association of Patras, which he directed during for seven (7) consecutive three years, our President himself, and certainly hand in hand with the Syracuse Community and the other Associations of Syracuses, has marked a brilliant course by largely realizing his visions and goals. But the most important contribution of the Association was that it identified and rallied Syracuses of the second and third, but also much older generations, patriots who had almost forgotten their origin, he was able to rekindle the Syracian flame that was about to go out, and he also organized a “pilgrimage” excursion to Syracuse, so that the younger people could get to know the birthplace of their parents and the place of their own origin. Today more than ever with the feeling of heavy responsibility towards the glory and greatness of Syracuse’s history, at a time when everything has been globalized and flattened, faithful to our picturesque customs and traditions, our dances, songs and traditions, is imperative need to fight for the preservation of the tradition of our country, as a minimal debt to the previous generations who left us this rich cultural heritage and to bequeath it intact and intact to the next generations of Syracuse of the wider area of ​​Western Greece. The President of the Association is George Mantzavinos.

Contact phone: 6948174960, SSP contact phone: 2610436448. Parodos Artemisiou D5, Kato Sychina, PO Box 26443, Patras

Association of Syracuses of Athens “Syrrakon”

It was founded in 1932 and its president is Eleftheria Garzonica. It operates a dance department, presents exhibitions and books, organizes excursions and other cultural events and is housed in a house donated by Dimitrios Gianniotis of Syrraki.

Contact phone: 2107600421 & 6976780820/ e-mail: & / Address: Elpidos 14 Victoria Square PO Box 10434, Athens / facebook: Association of Syrrakiots of Athens.

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Sirrako, is a historical noble village of Epirus. It is located 52 km. southeast of Ioannina, on Mount Peristeri, at an altitude of 1200m. …


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